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vanillin hazards、vanillin safety
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vanillin hazards、vanillin safety



Vanillin is the first synthetic essence.There are two kinds of vanillin, methyl vanillin and ethyl vanillin. Methyl vanillin appears to be white or slightly yellow crystals and has flavor of vanilla planifolia and strong taste of milk. It is the major composition of cream vanilla flavor. As the most widely used synthetic essence, vanillin is largely used in food industry like candy, cakes, biscuits, bread and roasted seeds and nuts. Currently methyl vanillin is supposed to be a quite safe additive because no report has shown that it is hazard to human health.

Ethyl vanillin is a crystal or crystalline powder of while or slightly yellow color. It also has flavor of vanilla planifolia but compared with vanillin, its flavor is stronger. Ethyl vanillin is one of the important synthetic essences in the world and is indispensible raw materials for food additives. Its flavor is about 3~4 times stronger than vanillin and is widely used in food industry like chocolate, icecreams, beverage and cosmetics. In addition, ethyl vanillin could also be used as additives for feed, brighteners for electroplate and intermediates for pharmaceuticals.

Hazard of vanillin

 Currently there’s been no report of vanillin hazard to human health. But an appropriate take-in for human is advised. In 2000, it was reported that if people eat to much vanillin, some kind of unpleasant feeling would appear like headache, sickness and dyspnea.Too much absorption would even harm liver and kidney.

Limit of addition for human safety

FEMA(mg/k): soft drinks 63 mg/kg; cold drinks95 mg/kg;candy 200 mg/kg;bakery products 220 mg/kg;puddings120 mg/kg;gums270 mg/kg;cholocates970 mg/kg;margarine 0.20 mg/kg;syrup330~20000 mg/kg

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